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A new take on a gallery

Kaws is an American artist and I have always found myself totally immersed in the worlds he was creating. I wanted to take some of his work and create a literal representation of the depth he created in the worlds that I was getting so lost in.

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  • Design
  • Development
kaws steps

Adding not changing

The biggest challenge that I faced was adding value to the art and not changing it. It took a lot of testing, but I curated the pieces that could move tastefully to create the illusion of depth.

kaws steps

Moving in the world

I wanted users to be immersed in his art the same way I am. I created a subtle animation on scroll to add not only a sense of depth but movement from one piece to the next.

kaws type speciment
kaws mockup
kaws color study
kaws textures and patterns
kaws wireframe