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Only HTML?

Parallax Pg is an extremely light JavaScript library that allows users to create parallax on different elements by only using HTML. When I first started coding, I noticed on many websites how the tasteful use of parallax added tremendous value to the design. I created Parallax Pg as a way for the developers and designers who have strong layout skills to add some flair to their website.

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  • UI Design
  • Development
parallax pg steps to start mockup

Get animating fast

Making things move in Parallax Pg is as easy as adding a class and adding a data-attribute. The target audience is users who don’t want to deal with all the hassle of figuring out how to move different element and what speed to move them at. My main objective was making a library that someone who learned how to code last week could get working.

parallax pg landing page mockup

Endless Possibilities

While the main objective of Parallax Pg was to make something easy to get running, there is also a multitude of different ways for it to be implemented. The goal of the landing page was to provide a resource for people to be able to see not only how to get started, but how to create the effects that always see on their favorite websites.

parallax pg wireframe
parallax pg color study
parallax pg mockup
parallax pg type speciment
parallax pg shapes and textures