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Type Always

A learning resource

Type Always was a quote by my teacher that I heard on one of my first days of class. The concept of starting the layout with type and building around it really helped to strengthen my designs. I noticed that many websites could benefit from having better typography, thus Type Always was created as a way to help educate designers on the importance of typography on the web.

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  • UI Design
  • Development
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Engage and learn

It’s hard to learn when the content is not engaging. One of the main challenges was finding a way to make typography interesting for everyone. I addressed this by focusing on how you can totally transform a design with strong type, rather than just typographic rules.

type always steps

Adding Interactivity

I wanted the users to be able to interact with the website and experience for themselves the difference between bad and good type. This led to the creation of sliders that demonstrate to the user what a typographic “no-no” looks like and what a great example of typography looks like.

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